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Baghat Tadros known to be in the states of Washington and California is being put up as a person to watch out for as he treats his employees unfair.

In the early part of August 2007 I was sexually assaulted in the work place. The assault was started by our chef who had come back to work to dish up a banquet. I had walked back into the kitchen to help dish up. Greg Keeton of Yakima, Washington approached me and proceeded to grab me. He bent me over the back prep table and pushed me over the table. He then began dry humping me in the kitchen in front of the whole kitchen crew and banquet manager. I begged him to stop and all he did was laugh. I did everything I could to get away and when I finally was able to get away he then cornered me. He pushed me in the corner grabbed onto my hand laughing and said feel how hard my dick is. I was mortified.  I finally got away again and went into my office. I was so upset and humiliated that I left and went home. Later I went to the police station and pressed charges. At a later time, Mr. Keeton was charged with sexual assault and found guilty. A few days later I went back to work and reported it to my boss. She said what do you want me to do about it? I then told her she needed to do something because I would not  work with Mr. Keeton and that she needed to fire him. Rozanne Mecca our general manager said I hope you’re happy,  you are nothing but a big flirt. Rozanne began to create a hostile work environment. The owner Baghat Tadros came back from Egypt and told me I ruined his trip he had to come back early. Baghat then started to question me It was horrible. He told me he would ask Mr. Keeton to get on his hands and knees and beg forgiveness and we could demote him and then I would be his boss and he would give me a raise. I told Baghat no way the man came to work drunk sexually assaulted me and he needed to fire him. Baghat fired Mr. Keeton then the retaliation began. My life was a living hell.  I also had to share an office with Mr. Keaton’s wife Colette. Rozanne then began to ask people for false documentation and told them they would get things in return. I found this out from a co worker that had come to me crying and saying I don’t know why they are doing this to you. Things began to escalate and get worse. I finally went to get professional help. I was so mentally beat from everything Baghat and Roznne were doing to me. I was forced to take a medical leave under the F.M.L.A act then the nasty letters came from Rozanne and Baghat they were brutal. I was seeing my medical professional 3 times a week and was then being medicated for stress and p.t.s.d. After about 3 months it was recommended that I not return to the hostile work place. I retained legal counsel and filed suit against the Clarion Hotel and conference Center as well as  Mr. Greg Keeton. The law suit went on for 5 long years. I  won the law suit against both party’s. It is now two years after the suit and Mr. Baghat Tadros still  refuses to pay or respond. Baghat has caused me many problems . I have been totally black balled in our community in the hospitality industry. I now have to work out of town because Yakima is a small town. I have not only been beat out of the money I have had everything I worked so hard for taken too. It’s too bad because I was very well known and respected in my community and loved my job. I can only hope Mr. Tadros gets what’s coming to him.


Baghat Tadros is the owner of The Clock Tower Hotel in Ventura, California. He has been sued with the outcome of a 6 figure judgment against him. He has went on the run and refused to pay it.

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