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Yakima WA- May 4, 2012 Dan Gaub is on a motor cycle traveling East Bound when he turns into a Semi Truck and is killed.
Sources from inside investigators indicate that it was a suicide and all indications are that,  in fact it is true.  Here are some of the
facts and allegations that are coming down:

A) Dan Gaub professed to be a successful trader in the Forex markets:

To date,  no one has ever met any of his students that he claims
he has trained to earn millions of dollars.  When asked about these
students, he always claimed they were private and wanted no attention or exposure.

B) Dan Gaub claimed he was making 5% a day in the Forex markets.  To
date not one shred of proof  he was ever able to do that exist.  In fact,
there is not one account record or evidence that he was ever successful
in trading.  If someone can show us proof of his successful track record
we would be very grateful.  No one seems to have any actual records of
his trades.

C) Dan Gaub claimed to have a number of powerful friends.  One such man
was named “Clark”.  To date, no one has ever met Clark.  No one can find
this person, know of his last name,  a phone number, an email, a text.  The man seems to be a ghost.

D) Dan Gaubs Lawyer (Terry) is also apparently known only by one name and that
person also can not be found, nor a record that he ever existed.

E) Dan claimed to own a third of Camino Island Coffee. He told this to many
of the people we spoke to.  He does not own a dime of the company. Never has.

F) Dan claimed to have a three million dollar watch collection.  He claimed he has
a Presidential Rolex from his friend “Clark”.  To date no one can find this watch.
To date, only a few watches have been found and they are only worth about
$20,000.00 tops.

G) Dan Claimed to have been picked up by a Gulf Stream private jet in Yakima
Washington and flown to the super bowl.  This story was told to every person we
interviewed. He sat with his friend Clark and met Paul Allen the owner of the Sea Hawks
in his private Box seat area.

H) There is not one text, email, phone record of any Clark or Terry his lawyer, or any
of his other “high powered contacts” anywhere to be found.

I) Dan Gaub took in millions of dollars from victims all over the USA and abroad.
There are no records or account statements regarding these funds .  He did not have one record
of who gave what or how much was in their accounts.  This money was supposed to
be in trading robots making victims 4% a month on their money.

J) He even took money belonging to ministerial organizations. Funds for the Lord’s work.

G) People have always claimed Dan Gaub was a man there to help people.  He helped them
alright, to as much of their money as he could.  He was heard telling people we interviewed
that million(s) of dollars was given to his son Jordan Gaub’s company called Bokr. This
money it seems were funds Dan Gaub stole from the millions of dollars he ripped off from victims.

H) Dan claimed he was friends with 50 Cent,  a rap star.  This is simply not true.  Dan
claimed to be a good Christian and a follower of Christ’s way of life, yet his life was one big
lie and con,  and no one really knew this man at all.  In the end, as most cowards do,
he waited along the road for the right opportunity and drove his son’s motorcycle as
fast as he could into a semi truck.  With some house style flip flops on and expired tabs
on the bike he was riding.   It was clear he was on his last ride.  Dan left his poor family
to mop up an incredible mess he has left behind with nothing but angry investors
demanding answers.

From individuals we have spoken with,  his family actually still buys into all of the lies and
the con thinking,  that hidden accounts for hundreds of millions of dollars will surface soon.
I will bet all I own and then borrow some,  that they will never find a single hidden account
anywhere.  All of Dan’s assets including his big yacht were the spoils of a man that lied,
cheated and defrauded anyone willing to hand him their money.  His life of excess was
built on the backs of people that trusted him.





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